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“I believe you have the power to be happy no matter what challenges you are experiencing in life. My professional & personal objective is to help YOU believe happiness is possible and give you the kind of support and tools you need to not only change any undesired habit or behavior, but also manage any future challenge with insight, wisdom, practicality and peace. Through the work we do together you will discover freedom from negative thinking & experience ease in your life. Sometimes, I am described as a ‘transformational life coach,’ although I’m simply a gentleman here to help you realize the space between life’s challenges & reactionary behavior. Along the way I may help you stop smoking, drinking, lose weight, improve relationships, lower blood pressure, improve study habits, manage pain, fly again, sleep again, be creative, peaceful, motivated, trust, and most of all experience your true self where everything falls into place. Because of my background as a Clinical Hypnotherapist, stress management specialist, counselor, teaching yoga, mindfulness & meditation, breathwork & Jungian Psychology, you will be exposed to a wide range of healing possibilities. We can create a strategy & through hypnosis we lock that strategy in. It all begins with becoming more receptive by experiencing the peace we all have inside.”