I have been attending John’s yoga classes for many years. His classes which appear to incorporate certain aspects of hypnotherapy are enjoyable, therapeutic and invigorating. They also help me to be in touch with my inner strengths.

M V. Yelp.com,

I began talking with John Sahakian as a therapist about a year and a half ago. Our conversations in session have been very enlightening and have had a huge impact on my personal growth. I usually come to our appointment with a stressful situation that is causing me emotional pain. John has a variety of ways of making me step back and look at my situation from a healthy, unbiased perspective. This along with some great examples and vibrant discussion always end with my feeling that i’ve emerged out the other side. I now have the tools to deal with my stress on my own and I am much happier. I highly recommend him!

Andrea S. Yelp.com,

John Sahakian C.Ht. is a skilled therapist. I contacted him, because I hoped hypnotherapy would help me with stress related issues (anxiety, depression). I felt an immediate improvement after the first session and each session that followed builds on the previous. I’ve been to other therapists in the past, but no one has helped me as quickly and effectively. He’s helping me make important changes in my life and the result is pretty amazing. If there’s anything in your life you want to improve, I highly recommend you go see him!

Melissa S. Yelp.com,

I did several sessions with John earlier this year. Since then I have been practicing the Three Circle Flow process almost daily. I find that it has a clear and profound effect on keeping me relaxed and stress free. If I find that I am feeling particularly stressed out, I have learned to lie down and take 20-30 minutes to go through the Three Circle Flow process. What’s amazing about it is that it always allows me to enter a more relaxed state then when I began it! I also found the hypnotherapy sessions I did with John to be very valuable in allowing me to connect to my inner wisdom and to be guided by it. One of the most important things I learned from John and from the Three Circle Flow process is to quote John:
“The more you practice creating a link between feeling peacful and taking action to achieve your intentions, the more your desires will become your reality” — I have definitely found this to be true in my life. In addition to what I’ve said, John is a very grounded, wise and compassionate human being, and it had been a pleasure to know him and to learn from him. I highly recommend John and Three Circle Flow to anyone wishing to reduce stress and to connect to and actualize their deepest intentions.

Philip R. Yelp.com,