Thinking back on your last visit to Shutters on the Beach or Casa del Mar, you may remember a feeling of complete and utter relaxation. The rejuvenating massage at ONE the Spa, the beachfront dinner overlooking the Pacific, and the spectacular sunsets from your private balcony… Who could blame you for thinking you’ve reached the pinnacle of beachside bliss?

As it turns out, all these indulgences were just the beginning. Imagine your next beach retreat with one more element of ultimate relaxation: meditative seaside therapy with one of the country’s leading stress management specialists. Now we’re talking not just temporary relaxation, but lasting inner peace—mental, physical, and spiritual.

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It’s called AIRR (Automatic Integrative Relaxation Response) and it’s an exclusive program with none other than renowned mindfulness expert John Sahakian. Founder of Three Circle Flow Hypnotherapy and expert in all forms of stress management, John offers customized wellness sessions right here at Shutters and Casa—be it in our meeting rooms, suites, poolside, or directly on the beach.

Perfect for private and company outings alike, these transformative sessions take participants on a holistic journey through what we call an “experience in mindfulness.” A unique combination of ancient practice and modern science, John uses techniques like meditation, transformational breathing, hypnotherapy, and yoga to foster a renewed peace of mind and overall well-being. It’s a practice suited perfectly for the inspiring backdrop the Pacific Ocean and coastal California.

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“AIRR will leave you feeling centered, relaxed, alive and rejuvenated,” John explains. “Each participant will leave with the tools to better manage conflict, stressful events, work challenges, relationships…basically everything in their lives.”

So, let’s review. Beautiful beachside scenery: Check. Quality time in Santa Monica with great friends and colleagues: Check. Stress-melting meditation with a renowned mindfulness expert: Check. Ready to find inner peace now?

Below are your options for reserving John Sahakian—who has been initiated by the Dalai Lama as ‘a practitioner who works for the good of all beings’—for your private group event. To your wellness!

Two Hours | Up to 10 People | $1,000
Introduction to AIRR, the 3 principles of Conscious/Mindful Stress Management (Body/Environment/Mind), Understanding the 3 intentions for relationships, personal & professional. Practice proprietary relaxation methods. Recommended for inspiring creativity and stress reduction.

Three and a Half Hours | Up to 10 People | $1,500
In addition to the two hour session previously described, the group will take part in an insightful exchange of experiences, as well as digging deeper into the practices of stress reduction and mindfulness. Recommended for team building.

Twenty Minute Breakout | Up to 100 People | $150 and Up
Experience how quickly John’s techniques can bring bliss to any group.

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Two Day Retreat | Up to 30 People | $5000 (plus meals)
Day One | Three and a Half Hours
Introduction to AIRR, The 3 Principles of Conscious/Mindful Stress Management (Body/Environment/Mind) and the 3 Intentions for relationships, personal & professional. Practice proprietary relaxation methods. Discuss various mindfulness/ meditation approaches. Take lunch to a new level by experiencing Mindful Dining. Instruction on Mindful Sleep Preparation for that evening.

Day Two | Three Hours
Take part in insightful and always surprising relationship strategy exercises designed to help each individual be more mindful of their relationship with themselves, as well as others. Discussion of previous day’s practice and discoveries. Practice group meditation.

More Information HERE.

To help your next group get more AIRR or for more details, please contact Jenna Abrams at (310) 458-0030.