Clinical Hypnotherapy and Stress Management

Three Circle Flow was created to inspire peace and harmony in your life. As a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, Life Strategist, Stress Management Consultant, Meditation and Yoga Teacher, I will help you achieve goals you have set forth for yourself toward positive behavioral change by using the incredible power of your subconscious mind.

Therapeutic Objective
Within the delivery system of Clinical Hypnotherapy, I utilize a wide range of research based therapeutic techniques that consider brain and nervous system function, adaptable for an array of issues from addiction to anxiety, depression and habit change of any kind. I draw from empirical evidence on the benefits of a stress reduction approach in order to promote mental & physical equalibrium.

Through incorporating elements of positive psychology, NLP, breath work, MBSR, Rapid Resolution Therapy, Yoga Psychology, hypnosis and strong emphasis and encouragement of Active Stress Management practices, you will leave each session more educated, empowered, relaxed and inspired with tools to help you maintain a course toward total health and well-being.


Hypnotherapy can help you with the following…

•Agoraphobia                                       •Addiction
•Anxiety/worry                                     •Bruxism (teeth grinding at night)
•Childbirthing (painless)                    •Confidence/self esteem
•Exam nerves                                        •Family problems
•Motivation problems                          •Nail Biting
•Nervousness                                       •Pain control
•Panic attacks                                     •Phobias
•Post Traumatic Stress                        •Public Speaking
•Injury Rehabilitation                          •Relationship problems
•Sleep disorders                                    •Smoking Cessation
•Sports Performance                            •Stage fright
•Stress                                                   •Travel Fears

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