Relationship Counseling


All forms of counseling will be productive if they consider all points of view. This is especially true for the methods the counselor utilizes. My work with couples and interoffice relationships begins with this: Your relationship with others will only be as healthy as your relationship is with yourself. Becoming comfortable with one’s self is not only challenging, but a life long journey. When we are inspired in our work we feel safe. When we drag ourselves from day to day, suffer anxiety, and have a negative attitude we are afraid. My own challenges in this area have taught me that humility and selflessness, not to mention gratitude and mindfulness are essential elements in order to get along with others, reduce and eliminate what we might consider conflict.

Each session begins with a set of principles that we can apply to every context discussed or example presented. It does not matter what the “story” is that illustrates the dynamics of a particular conflict, these principles I’ve developed and tested inspire harmony and personal and ‘global evolution.’ Call it “crisis management,” or “Conflict Resolution,” or “MBSR,” it’s all about seeing things as they truly are. This approach will always result in an inner, as well as support outer satisfaction and help to create more productivity.

I like what Alison Laslett the founder of puts it. “REPRESENT helps people become who they are meant to be.” Whether we are just starting out in the workforce, beginning a business venture with a few partners, or thinking about moving to the next level in our relationship and getting married, our journey will point us in the direction and provide an opportunity to live to our fullest and highest good.

Please contact me if you have more questions, but know this. Relationship puts us all on the fast track toward living to our full potential.