Below you will find links that contain information and resources I have found helpful.

Dr. Robert Chang
– A gifted psychiatrist with a caring heart.
Olga Esterov, MSPA, PA-C
– Olga demonstrates practical wisdom and a nurturing attitude toward healing.
Dr. Andrew Weil
– Wellness Guru with an emphasis on breath
Dr. Nancy Sobel
– Addiction specialist & founder of The Global Adolescent Project
Dr. Jeremy Brook
– Chiropractic Care
Lindsay Hurtt, LMFT-ATR
Specializing in Art Therapy
Leah McMahon
– Inner Chi Acupuncture
Dr. Ronald Alexander
– Author of Wise Mind Open Mind
Sherry Brourman
– Physical Therapist

Recommended recovery centers & facilities

Newport Beach, Ca.
Malibu, Ca.
Northern California

Additional Resources

Alison Laslett           Represent ConsultingHypnosis Motivation Institute
Psychology Today
Exhale Spa Yoga/Meditation.
Health & Wellness
University of Maryland