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Public Speaking

Speaking publicly is an honor and a gift. Whether I’m giving a short five minute explanation on how Active Stress Management, hypnosis, or yoga will improve the quality of your life, or a keynote sharing my personal story about how the challenges we face might just be the perfect opportunity to be our best, every presentation leaves me forever thankful and enriched. I learned many years ago when I’m inspired my audience is inspired.

My roll in life is to be of service, to help those I work with find their rhythm, to inspire them to participate in their job, family life, personal and spiritual life one hundred percent, mind, body, and soul. To accomplish this seemingly extraordinary task a calm, peaceful heart must be the starting point. My classes, seminars, lectures, and retreats convey the tools, techniques, and strategies on emotional and practical levels alike to help those in attendance achieve a dynamic balance of peace and action.

Please contact me directly if you have questions and would like to schedule an engagement.

Topics include, but are not limited to:

• Stress “Friend or Foe”
• Love & Fear — Positive results in business and relationships
• Don’t Break Your Back: Safe Yoga for Everyone
• The Love Connection — Parenting with your heart, not your fists
• Peace — Your brain’s secret weapon
• I’m Too Tired to Work: Finding the energy to finish the job
• You Are The One: An epiphany for happiness!

Please see my latest lecture on Mindfulness.

I hope you enjoy it.